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Nick O'Conor Lynn Sharpe
Andrew Riley Miranda Dawe
Frank Megginson Silke Muston
Frank Dubuisson Ashley Muston
Stewart Reading-Kitchen Kathy Livesey
Anne Fafoutakis Ian Livesey
Derek Smith Adrian Shaw
Birgitt McDonagh Maya Shaw
Casper Kielland Jane France
George Rybarczyk Diana Rees
Sean Webb Felice Locker
Rachel Fenwick-Smith Amanda Fenwick-Smith
Joanna Merchi Rice Prendiville
Clyde van der Beek Paulina van der Beek
Eric van Ginkel Shireen McKee
Claire d'Arcy Michael Davies
Patsy Maloney Geoffrey Woodhouse
Audrey Whitehead Merville Spiers
Anne Mosley Anne Batt
Jean Wood Mike Muston
Carol Williard Bernadette O'Farrell
Paul Connell  


Erin's Trio Musicians
Robin Brock Accordionist
Des Burke Bodhràn player
Nick O'Conor Singer
Barry Coffey Singer
Mary-Anne Karlsson Pianist
Roland Kreger Pianist
"The Flowing Tide" Irish Musicians from Clare


Extracts from some of Eugene O'Neill's work will be performed on 20 March & 25 April, 2020.


No casting opportunities
at the moment.


The distinctive role and craft of the seanchaí is particularly associated with the Gaeltacht (the Irish-speaking areas of Ireland), although story-tellers recognizable as seanchaithe were also to be found in rural areas throughout English-speaking Ireland.

Brendan Behan's fortunes changed in 1954 with the appearance of his play The Quare Fellow, his major breakthrough at last. Originally called The Twisting of Another Rope and influenced by his time spent in jail, it chronicles the vicissitudes of prison life leading up to the execution of the quare fellow, a character who is never seen. The prison dialogue is vivid and laced with satire, but reveals to the reader the human detritus that surrounds capital punishment.  The reading of The Quare Fellow will be performed by MIAS in October. Click here for further details.

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