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Our next show will be extracts from A Moon for the Misbegotten, The Iceman Cometh and Ile (a one act play) by Eugene O’Neill

Date:  Friday, 25 March 2022 at 8.30pm

Venue:  The Auditorium du Collège Charles III, Avenue de l’Annonciade, Monaco.

A Moon for the Misbegotten : Set in a dilapidated Connecticut house in early September 1923, the play focuses on three characters: Josie, a domineering Irish woman with a quick tongue and a ruined reputation, her conniving father, tenant farmer Phil Hogan, and James Tyrone Jr, Hogan’s landlord and drinking companion, a cynical alcoholic haunted by the death of his mother.

The Iceman Cometh : Set in New York in 1912 in Harry Hope’s downmarket Greenwich Village saloon and rooming house. As the play opens, the regulars are expecting Hickey to arrive in time for Harry’s birthday party. The first act introduces the various characters as they bicker among themselves, showing how drunk and delusional they are, all the while awaiting Hickey.

Ile : The one act play  is set about Captain David Keeney, a man obsessed with finding oil, and his wife, who joins him on his ship for what ends up being a two-year voyage in the middle of the ocean that tests the limits of everyone on board. The crew is determined to track down whales to find “ile” (oil), but instead end up barged in ice for months, and the dejection is palpable from the beginning of the first scene.

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European Heritage Day 2021

On 26 September, MIAS contributed a small reading of texts for the Matrimoine Culturel (Women’s influence in Ireland) at the Princess Grace Irish Library.  MIAS  did extracts from descriptions of famous Irish women as well as some poems by modern women.  For example: Contess Markievicz and Easter 1916; Maud Gonne, the muse of early Yeats’ poems; Lady Wilde, Lady Gregory. Two amusing letters from women on ‘The Battle of the Short Skirt’ (1939) and ‘On the Contraceptive Train’ (1971). Modern poetry by women, Evan Boland, Maire Mc Entee. Spicy pieces from Merryman’s ‘The Midnight Court’ and ‘The Battle of the Bogside’ by Bernadette Devlin.

This was the first year for ‘Journée du Matrimoine‘ (dedicated to ‘Women and Patrimony’) to mark the 26th year of celebrating the annual Journées Européennes du Patrimoine.

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We are delighted to announce the First “Bloomsday in Monaco” with the Princess Grace Irish Library and MIAS was on 16 June.  We performed along with two pupils from the International School of Monaco, accompanied by music on the bodhrán, and wandered around The Rock, as Leopold Bloom strolled the streets of Dublin.

For those of you who couldn’t be with us this year, why not plan to support us next year for the Bloomsday Centenary.


MIAS was invited by the Princess Grace Irish Library to provide a short performance on St Patrick’s Day this year, together with a musical interlude by the Academie de Musique, which was filmed.

MIAS performing for Prince Albert

Photo courtesy of the Princess Grace Irish Library

We were very honoured to give a command performance for H.S.H Prince Albert of Monaco.

Culture Snippets


Eugene O' Neill

Eugene Gladstone O’Neill was an American playwright and Nobel laureate in Literature.  He was the son of Irish immigrant actor James O’Neill and Mary Ellen Quinlan, who was also of Irish descent. His father suffered from alcoholism; his mother from an addiction to morphine, prescribed to relieve the pains of the difficult birth of her third son, Eugene. O’Neill spent several years at sea, during which he suffered from depression and alcoholism. Despite this, he had a deep love for the sea and it became a prominent theme in many of his plays, several of which are set on board ships like those on which he worked.

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