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We are Monaco Ireland Arts Society, and our webbsite address is:



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This is regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies across the European Union and we are responsible as ‘controller’ of that personal information.

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The Personal Information that is Collected and Used

We may collect your name, address, phone number and email address that is relevant to joining our Society in becoming a member.


How Personal Information is Used

We will need to use your name and email address to communicate with you during your time as a member of the Society. 


Whom We Share your Personal Information With

In line with the general confidentiality, no information will be shared with other people, without your prior permission.  This may happen only when you join as a member and need further information, or when sending out scripts, schedules for rehearsals, performances and/or other events, we will need to contact you.


How Long Personal Data will be Kept

Any information and details are erased after you decide to end your membership, however we will keep your contact details for the sole purpose of communicating with you.

In order to comply with the new GPDR regulations your contact details and any notes are kept solely for the purposes as specified above.


What is a cookie and what does it do?

Essentially, a cookie is a small file of text that is dropped on a user’s browser by a website, when the user visits the site.

The cookie serves to give the website a “memory”, enabling it to retain information such as…

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All in all, cookies are an important and often indispensable means of presenting a smooth and responsive digital experience for the users.



Based on purpose, one may speak of the following five categories:

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In this categorization, the cookies to be aware of are especially the marketing cookies, that are the ones most frequently tracking, storing and using personal data.



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