Monaco-Ireland Arts Society

Promoting Irish Literature and the Arts in Monaco


L'observateur de monaco : May 2014

Faire peu, mais bien. Association Monaco-Ireland arts society fête ses 20 ans. 20 ans passés à promouvoir la culture irlandaise.  Beaucoup d’écrivains et de dramaturges sont irlandais… (more)

brendan behan evening: march 2012

H.S.H Prince Albert of Monaco attended the performance by the Monaco-Ireland Arts Society on the works and sayings of Brendan Behan, the 20th Century’s most controversial Irish dramatist and drinker, at the Auditorium of the Lycée Techique… (more)


Nice Matin: March 2011

La Monaco-Ireland Arts Society a fêté la Saint-Patrick. Le Saint-Patron des Irelandaise a été célébré avec humour et talent par la Monaco-Ireland Arts Society… (more)

Nice Matin: March 2009

Soirée irlandaise pour la Saint-Patrick. Une soirée irlandaise pour la Saint-Patrick a été donnée par la Monaco-Ireland Arts Society… (more)

The Monaco Times: February 2008

Moved by Mayo. Monaco-Ireland Arts Society celebrates a poet inspired by the west of Ireland... (more)

The Monaco Times: February 2007

A man of contradictions. Homage to Sheridan by Monaco-Ireland Arts Society… (more)

Nice Matin: March 2000

Storytelling : contes et musique irelandaises.   La réputation de Monaco-Ireland Arts Society n’est plus à faire… (more)

Riveria Reporter: june 1999

All those Irish words; not just blarneyWhen Dublin was made European Capital of Culture some time back… (more)

Nice Matin: December 1996

La culture irlandaise à l’honneur. La Monaco-Ireland Arts Society est une association culturelle… (more)

Monaco Matin: May 1993

L’ombre du Grand Oscar.  Prévue pour la fin du mois de mai, la conférence internationale…  (more)

Culture Snippets


The Blarney Stone

By kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, it is claimed that one can receive the “Gift of the Gab” (eloquence, or skill at flattery or persuasion).  No matter which origin story you believe, all agree on one thing: you’ll leave the Castle with great eloquence and skill at flattery once you’ve puckered your lips and kissed the stone!

Irish Theatre Institute is a comprehensive multimedia directory of professional drama, dance and opera in Ireland, North and South. Containing detailed information on  theatre, dance and opera companies, venues and networks, and theatre and arts festivals, also listings on funding bodies, training and support organisations, actor and literary agencies and international performing arts festivals and networks.

West End Whingers

The West End Whingers is a London-based theatre blog which publishes humorous and satirical reviews of mostly West End theatre productions. The blog was founded in June 2006 by a pair of London bloggers known only as “Phil” and “Andrew“.